A library is your place to read, study, learn, get inspired, do research, write your novel, and take classes — for free. For those reasons and more, libraries are one of the most crucial resources a community provides.

Nationwide, funding for libraries has been declining over the years. New York City has started to reverse that trend, but this fragile progress depends on City leaders as they write their budget.

That’s where you come in. City leaders don’t want to hear from Library staff about how important the Library is — they need to hear directly from real New Yorkers who rely on their local Library.

Write one sentence to describe what your library means to you. We’ll deliver your stories to New York City leaders to make sure they know how important the library is to you!

What I love about libraries is that whenever I need a book for class, all I have to do is go to the library and get it for free.

Ruby Seward Park Library

eAudioBooks make my commute fun - thank you NYPL!

Pavol Grand Central

as child of immigrant blue collar workers, the public library (old one in Jackson Hgts) was were i learned about the world, literature and the value of books; i still remember the series of Children of the World and many others in the Dewey Decimal system that provided hours of reading.

theresa the first one in Jackson Heights P.S 69 Queems, then 42nd street when I worked on Fifth.

IT opens new worlds through books

Gina north Forest Hills

Books have always held a special place in my heart - a place to explore, a place to escape, a place to adventure, and a place to fly freely. I am now retired, and spend much time away from the city, but can travel there every day, electronically ;-))

Safta Lewis & Clark

New York Libraries have enriched and opened up my kids & I minds with the different programs they offer all around the five boroughs.

Gwendolyn Queens Village Branch, Queens Village, NY

I love my library because each book that I read helps me to become a happier, more useful, and better educated citizen.

Isay Manhattan

I could never have gotten crucial information and help about verbal abuse that I was experiencing, without the help of the e-books I borrowed at the library (without my abuser's knowledge)-- THANK YOU!!

Isabella Aguilar

Libraries equal future and evolution to me since they have endless resources to aid young and old in expanding their knowledge and developing themselves in order to acheive a better tomorrow.

Nick Brooklyn, NY

There's a story about a library lurking in every poor kid who became a successful adult.

Scott Henrico County Public Library

It allows me to access my e-mails and print occasionly

Patricia Seaside

Without easy access to books, I probably never would've read.

Shaheed Staten Island

If you are looking for resources, entertainment and offers combined, go to the nearest NYPL Public Library just to find those things.

Fuat Castle Hill Library