The library has helped me find materials for my research papers and has been a place where I can go to think.

Gessy Lefrak Queens Library

As a fickle reader, it's great to be able to test-drive books without racking up debt!

Lauren Queens, NY

The Library has afforded me the opportunity to constantly learn, grow, connect with people, challenge myself, and enrich the community.

Sandra Red Hook Library

A place for inspiration -- from the books, the staff and so much more.

Ken Prospect Park

The library made a difference in my life, the library provided much more programs for my family and I. The Library is a very fun place to go.

Henderson macon

Libraries are where we all begin the exploration of knowledge and self-discovery -- where we start collecting the stories that will shape and mold us, and eventually help us to tell our own.

Maddie Central Library, Brooklyn

The Library provides me with an endless number of books and an endless number of people to talk about them with.

Jessica 115th Street Branch

The library was often my after-school, and even in adulthood my safe haven when studying for the GRE. As a servant of the City it continues to me amaze me how much our branches do for all New Yorkers. We take for granted the huge impact libraries have on all families across this City.

Norah Brooklyn

As long as there are people, there will be libraries, and as long as there are libraries, there will be library people, happier and more at home there than anywhere else—thank goodness.

Adam Brooklyn

Libraries have impacted my life profoundly by helping me connect with my community, discover new interests, grow professionally, and find fulfillment in life.

Jesse West New Brighton Library