An amazing establishment that motivates me to work at my best.

Chenlee Hunts Point Branch, Bronx

The work that libraries do in providing free ESL classes, job search help, and technology training are truly amazing services to the community.

Merrie 67th street

A priceless, resourceful, and boundless part of the community for people of all ages.

Magaly Brooklyn/Queens

A place that welcomes everyone.

Lee Briarwood

My library allows me to travel the world whenever I want.

Nancy Queens

Shelving books was my first job, and there was nothing better than hiding in the stacks and reading about places and things I'd never even heard of!

Barbara Brooklyn

The library is where I go to think, dream, and read - it is my favorite place in the world - anything is possible at the library!

Susan Park Slope Branch

The library is where I go to think, dream, and read!

Susan Park Slope Branch

I believe in the power of the library - I can't count the number of things that I have learned from the stacks at my local branch.

Lexine Shoreline

I love my library - it's like a second home!

Lizzie Brooklyn