No matter what borough I live in or visit, NYPL gives me access and/or training with regards to information that I would not otherwise have access to!

Kelly Midtown & Brooklyn

I love NYPL because they provide access to any piece of media ever created, from the newest Taylor Swift album to the Gutenberg Bible--what other organization can say that?

Charlie Inwood

Since I obtained a library card fourteen years ago, I have saved thousands of dollars borrowing books rather than buying books and I have read a wider variety of books.

Christine Gerritsen Beach Library

I am a retired nurse-anthropologist who never forgets that my first job was shelving books at the Forest Hills branch of the QBPL where I discovered the joy of finding unexpected treasures on the shelves.

Linda Richmond Hill, Queens

The library provided me with a job in which I wake up every single morning knowing that my day will be filled with purpose.

Melissa NYPL

The library helped make a difference in my life by supplying me with various resources of information while I attended school.

David Manhattan

The library is my touchstone, my intellectual home.

Jenny South Irving Public Library/Irving, TX

Libraries feed my mind and I'm a hungry person.

Shari St. Agnes

Every book is a journey to places-known and unknown, wonderful and even scary-and worth every paged turned, seriously I devoured an entire book yesterday.

maryanne long island city, queens,ny

Libraries provide a safe space and multiple ways of exploring the world beyond your personal comfort zone.

Kathleen Elmhurst Library, Queens NY