I love my library for internet access and interesting events

carl Brooklyn and Manhattan/New York City

I am able to update myself with the resources available in the library.

Kris Queens Library

I love going to my library it is such a pleasure so quiet and I can stay as long as I want a very relaxing experience.

Carmela Middletown Road in The Bronx, N.Y.

Happiness starts at the libraries

imanol 23333101459822

Having access to library books and reference materials when I was a child and for most of my adult life helped me get into Princeton and go on to graduate school. Libraries are havens of learning and joy for millions.

L Jefferson Market, New York City

love the public library here in Queens.They have great programs for adult education and furthering careers, the people are always willing to help you succeed, thank you.

Timothy Queens

The answer to life, the universe and everything can be found in the library.

Linda Leonard Library

The library is a place where I can get help with homework, use computers read a book and many club I can be in and is great activities.

Aya Long Island City/Queens

Those Chinese books are really treasure to me, it enriches my life so much!!!

Julie Flushing

Libraries have always been a place that felt like home. It is quiet, free, safe, and a place for growth. As a person from a low socioeconomic background the Seward Park Library as well as others have given my advantages that I would have not gotten elsewhere.

Je'Jae Seward Park