The New York Public Library offers a world of knowledge and so many opportunities like no other!

Peter Staten Island

I couldn't afford the GRE prep books so I borrowed them from you guys; now I'm getting my MA in Public Health.

Sophie Bushwick

My library is a place I can dream a bigger, shinier, more thoughtful me

Kimber Brooklyn favorites main, sunset park, fort hamilton

My experience has been eye opening and life changing!

Leslie Hudson Park

I like my library, I can order some books, which I need, I can use computer when my comp. is not working, I like friendly people, who work in the library and help my a lot. And I used to go with my grandchildren.I like to go to the different events, to different courses.

Rita Brooklyn

The Library has helped me because it has helped me with everything from term papers to internet searches.

Steven Kips Bay Library

As a child my four sisters and I went weekly to the library for stacks of books that kept us busy for the next week--it was a highlight of our Brooklyn childhood.

Jane Queens

I started my book with the premise of "what if xy or z happened?" And the library helped me fill in the blanks

Marissa Manhattan

A library is the last public respite from an over-stimulated planet where I can dissolve into the tranquility of simple, un-demanding analog.

Carlos Mid-continent public library, lees summit, mo

As a child my father brought me books from his job at the Queens Borough Public Library; what a treat!

Anita Brooklyn