Mere words, let along one sentence, are woefully inadequate to fully relay the myriad ways our libraries enrich the lives of people on multiple levels, yet will attempt with a concise list of my highlights which include literary classics to read on the subway, difficult-to-find books and reference materials (including inter-library loans), exquisite art books for my husband, invaluable resources for seekers of employment, housing, legals assistance, etc., computer access for the many who can't afford their own & watching countless children enjoying the wonderful programs and materials, especially at my local Queens branch (Steinway).

Susan home (Queens) = Steinway Branch * work = Mid-Manhattan Branch & New Amsterdam Branch

Wandering through the shelves of books in a library is like exploring the world, with unknown adventures around every corner.

Lisa Bronx, NY

Books in the lives of children are everything and so many children do not have any access to these wonderful books and videos, free of charge. The public library is a place where anyone can go and learn, see and dream through books. Our libraries are a place where adults and especially children can thrive and it would be criminal to deprive any child of such an amazing place. All our libraries are a lifeline to everyone, especially children.

Marisa Fort Hamilton Library

St Agnes staff help me secure books online, when I make mistakes..

Joan St. Agnes

My son has spent hours and hours at our local branch throughout his young life and he loves to read but, also, excels academically in no small part because of his reading proficiency. We love the NYPL!

Lisa Andrew Heiskell

My children and I take books out from the library on a regular basis. Reading actual books, that you can hold in your hand, is so important in this digital era.

Sasha Spuyten Duyvil

The library has provided endless resources and easy, reliable access to information.

Barbarajean Brooklyn

Libraries are a fundamental source of information for the community because not everyone has the internet or device to use but everyone has the right to information.

Demitris Bronx

Literacy is the beacon of hope for civilization and every civilization looks to NYPL as a landmark for learning.

Jennifer NYPL

Critical places for learning for every single citizen of NYC.

Jean New York Manhattan