I love my library because it's a safe haven to open ones imagination and broaden young minds .

Tiffany Baychester

My budget is low so the library helps me with books, CD & movies to comfort me on weekends and learn new skills. Thanks.

Sharon New York

Over occasional afternoons my two pre-teens have learned to appreciate the deep learning and engagement of books, supplementing todays' tasting menu of science videos and mindless distraction of computer games.

Jason Tompkins Square

Ever since I was a little girl, the Library was my favorite place in the whole world and it still is!

Irazelma George Bruce Library

Everyone deserves to have a book open up the universe for them. It makes a better world. Having a library in one's neighborhood makes that possible--and that also connects people to one another in a community of readers. The librarians in my branch have also kindly helped the senior citizens who use the library find joy in their everyday life. Hooray for the libraries on New York City! Let's keep them alive and thriving. Please.

Robin New York

The library was my second home growing up; it will remain a place that shaped who I am today.

Felicia Grand Army Plaza

The library has always been a haven and escape for me, in good times and bad. In good times I've planned writing projects and done historical research and been in awe of the reading room of the main Humanities library at Bryant Park. In rougher times I've looked for jobs through the resources of the business library or taken a respite from the job search and read fiction or history at Mid-Manhattan or my branch in Hells Kitchen as an escape from stress.

Davis New York City

I used to spend EVERY SUMMER DAY in the library for a huge portion of my childhood. You can kinda say... The library helped raise me. I'm 22 years old now, and I have just been admitted into Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I don't think that would have been possible without my home branch - Grand Concourse Library. <3333 Please!!! THE FUTURE LEADERS OF TOMORROW NEED THIS !!

Kea Bronx

Libraries are a safe place that a person of any age, race or creed can learn and escape from their every day lives.

Amanda Astoria

Libraries introduced me to the joy of reading for pleasure when I was a child, and now that I'm an adult they allow me to keep discovering new authors and books.

Nell Queens