I (volunteer) tutor the grandchild of my super. Eleazar has no books in his home: if I did not bring him stacks of books from the Fort Washington branch, he would literally have nothing to read! His teachers tell him that he must read, read, read--the only way this is possible is the library. (I also find the music collection extremely useful--I'm college faculty, so I have access to books on my own, but your CD resources enrich my life tremendously.)

Robert Fort Washington

Very helpful and efficient staff

Tanya Melrose, Bronx NY

The libraries is computers, books, dvds, cd empowerment.

Robert Melrose, Bronx NY

The library has always been a refuge for knowledge and learning. It would be a shame to lose them. Invest!

Paris Melrose, Bronx NY

A library where I spent most of my early teen years finding my bestest of friends!

Wesley Melrose, Bronx NY

Happy to find the new & latest John Sandford novel "Extreme Prey" @ Morris Park Library today!

Helen Morris Park Bronx

Why not add one dollar to everyones electric bill in NYC both commercial and residential to fund libraries?

Chris SIBL

New songs

Katrina Brooklyn

The branch libraries are seed beds of democracy--it doesn't matter your age, race or your economic or employment status--the branches are still here to help you learn.

Paul Inwood

Sustaining the library is essential for the next generation of learners, especially ones whose neighborhoods have been historically divested.

Kelly Brooklyn