Giving me and my 9year old refugee from being in the house.

Thelma Mount Vernon

Ever since I was a little girl the NYPL was always a place where I could dream big, explore the world and learn how to do both by reading a book for free!

SONJA Brooklyn

Libraries save lives.

Sharon New York

Libraries enrich our lives. Invest in New York City. Invest in the New York Public Library. The staff is professional and helpful.

Elena Epiphany

The public library is a haven for every New Yorker, whether you want peace and quiet, an after school activity, to age in place and meet your friends and neighbors, or to borrow all the latest materials to enrich your life.

Christina Washington Heights

A library is a quiet, clean place to go and listen to the winds of the world.

Kirtna 67th street

In spite of all the technology and how information is available at the tips of our fingers, there is still the issue of how to connect to that information; families without access to this information rely on our libraries for much needed resources.

Rafael New York City

Libraries have kept me employed for the past 6 years by allowing me to add to my technical skills and learn new programming languages and study for certification tests. Without them I would be hopeless out of date and unemployable.

Cynthia 125th street

The staff at the Schomburg Centre and the Art Department at the Schwartzman have been incredibly helpful and kind to me during my research process. My book wouldn't have come together without them.

Allie Schomburg

The library was my haven after school each day, and it began my love of fantasy and science fiction, as well as my love of gaming.

Rodane R. EW