When I needed help with computer research, so that I could tutor, the librarians gave me wonderful information about how I could research from my home and from the library.

Joan Riverdale

It enriches my mind, I find all my reading materials in there and the local librarians are friendly and helpful. I spend many many afternoons there before my after school activities and it provides a safe place for a 12 year old girl in the city.

Lola Jefferson MARKET

I've been going to the library since I started attending school at 5 years old. I can't even put into words the Blessings of being able to read all the books you want without asking your Mom for money that she didn't have because of her budget to buy you a book. Although I may be able to purchase books now there are still so many under privileged people who aren't able to. I have the Nook reader. It becomes very expensive. Sometimes books don't fit into my budget & I'm a person who must read because I'm not into TV. Nothing amounts to the feeling of going to a library & having the pleasure of reading all the books you want for free.

Evadne Brooklyn

From reference to escape, from isolation to community, from quasi-power to empower and much, much more.

Barbara BRONX

The library provides access and resources to the public in the matter of culture, information, references, intelectual development etc...

Emmanuel bronx

Libraries are an important part of human life it's where you can escape the outside world and find whatever genre of books. Libraries are apart of history

Hollie mosholu

Being bilingual, it's a great privilege and commodity to be able to find the best french published books available.

Didier City Island

Library helped me to achieve my goal of becoming a software quality assurance engineer

Ravil Brooklyn

The library is a great resource to establish a love of reading, learn about community programs and develop positive healthy living habits for myself and my children.

Susan Bronx

Winning the SIBL Business Plan Competition helped me launch my business -Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes!

Steven SIBL/Manhattan