NYPL means a lot for me. I have gotten knowledge abt. computer (Internet search) at NYPL. Like I do not have Internet service at home: I go to my neighborhood branches (3 of them) And I read Newspaper (from all over the World) Also I keep in touch with my People in different Countries or Cities. Keep in touch with news abt Church. I sent online copies of my poems (Good People says they are really good) cjg1844@gmail.com Carlos Guichardo Bronx, NY 10456

Carlos Grand Concourse Library, High Bridge Library, Melrose Library

As a child, I visited the NYPL frequently and read everything I can. Now that I am a doctor, I have to thank the NYPL, which has played a tremendous part in my upbringing; it provided underprivileged children a means to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills that they need in this world, without the high costs.

Jian Manhattan and the Bronx

As a kid, when I found the entire Chronicles of Narnia in the children's section of my branch, I learned that books could be a refuge from the rest of the world, and that even children had a right to be treated seriously.

Jo-Ann Huguenot Branch

I love my library because it's a fun place for my baby and me to sing, play and learn at the Mommy and Me music class.

Toni Tottenville Library, Staten Island

Books are the best way to travel

doreen new york

Yes the library made a difference in my life etc,I love the library to learn new things etc.

Shanell New York

I'm disabled but can just make it to my local branch, Hudson Park from my home. I've learned so much there between it and the hallowed halls of Jefferson Market, including birdwatching and keeping up to date with my computer skills. I 'm quite without spare funds these days, so its wonderful to have a place to go go teach myself the myriad of subjects available or needed. I almost had a heart attack the first time I snuck over from NJ and saw the old Women's House of Detention in the area that has now been replaced by the Garden. The previous tenants were still abiding there. What an eye opener at 12 years old coming from Weehawken, NJ.>

Lauren Hudson Park

It incorpate ones imagination with reading and the sky is the limit. You can also obtain wealth of info from the library. I.e. Job info, available classes,etc

Dolores 115 St bet 7-8 Ave Manhattan

when you don't have a computer, and your out of work and you need a resume. A quite place to think, that's when I love my library

gabriel queens

I love libraries because they are OH SO VERY INFORMATIVE and we definitely need them in this day & age of technology. Its not only GREAT for the children but for those who have disabilities and can't really get the around for the information they really need., especially if they don't have a computer. Its that person's way of communicating. SO THEY ARE VERY, VERY, VALUABLE TO ME. Especially me with a disability. And I can go to any library to get the information that I might need. Its GREAT for my kids because they need to get information for help with homework or documents, they need. THANK YOU LIBARIANS, & assistants for all you do to help these libraries stay open. Also I can meet & greet artist that would not necessiarly see about the city. I can read & meet with them and get a signed autograph. Where I would or might have to pay to see them especially if they wrote a book. THANK YOU NYC I invest each and everytime I come to the library because I always LEARN SOMETHING NEW.

GINA Bloomingdale, & HARLEM 124th st