My father taught me to read at age two, and I have been a reader every since; I love the feel of an actual book --> not a screen but a physical book.

Laura Battery Park City Library

In addition to the crucial service the New York Public Library provides to New Yorkers, it is a net positive for the local economy, as my own experience demonstrates. I traveled to New York from St. Louis to spend the summer here because of the rich research holdings of the Schwarzman Building and will spend significant sums at local businesses while I'm here. While arguments about providing access to job application resources, English classes, and all the other good work this institution does may not resonate, perhaps the base economic argument will. Limiting funding or hours to the NYPL and its main branch would be a national calamity for scholarly inquiry and the advancement of knowledge and a detriment to business.

William Schwarzman Building

For future generations to learn about our history and to know where they are going from there.

Celeste Tompkins square library

Access to information is important to me.

Jonathan Bronx

Access to books at my library since early childhood fostered a lifelong love of books and learning. I had a full access library card by the age of 10, and a wonderful Librarian named Susan that helped me pick out books each week that transported me all over the world and beyond. Through books I learned to experience and explore different cultures and ideas. I learned to be open minded and accepting by reading and understanding just how much we are all alike at our core.

Kelley Poppenhusen Branch Queens Public Livrary

Enjoying a library is opening a door to a new life...

John Fort Washington

I use their computers and printers to print out airline boarding passes when I am traveling as I do not have a printer. Also, I can get both Federal and NYS Income Tax Forms from the library around tax reporting time.

Jan East 96th Street, New York, NY Manhattan