A library is your place to read, study, learn, get inspired, do research, write your novel, and take classes — for free. For those reasons and more, libraries are one of the most crucial resources a community provides.

Nationwide, funding for libraries has been declining over the years. New York City has started to reverse that trend, but this fragile progress depends on City leaders as they write their budget.

That’s where you come in. City leaders don’t want to hear from Library staff about how important the Library is — they need to hear directly from real New Yorkers who rely on their local Library.

Write one sentence to describe what your library means to you. We’ll deliver your stories to New York City leaders to make sure they know how important the library is to you!

I am a reader. Nuff said!

Laura Battery Park City Library

In addition to offering the beautiful magic of the written word, the NYPL is a place for mind enhancement, career advancement, classes and lectures galore, technical instruction to work on one's skills, music and arts, and so much more available and accessible for all in New York City to enjoy.

Melisande 67th Street Branch--Borough of Manhattan/New York City

The library was a great resource to help me reconnect with and see in new ways the neighborhood in which I had lived most of my life.

Sherese Queens Central Library

I love the library and the many books that have been availble to me there.

Phyllis Brooklyn

The Central Library means having a place to receive valuable information, getting in shape, learning new technology, learning new skills and hobbies, knowledge right at my fingertips, meeting new people and continued learning opportunities.

Dolores Central Library in Jamaica

libraries are awesome!

Dr Queens

Libraries are where democracy happens.

Sam Queens

The library provides a safe place where people can lean and grow.

Edgard Bronx, NY

Library's make take me to place's I've always wanted to go


they helped me in my family research project with all the Info. they sent to me I am closer to the final part of my trek thank you.

thomas manhattan

It is easier for me to visit my mother in New York, knowing that there will be a place for me to get some work done during the day.

H. Manhattan

Knowledge is gained always

Jasmine Bronx NY

Libraries offer easy access to materials and helpings that allow me to move forward in life.

Na Queens/Flushing