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NYC's libraries need more funding. All we need from you is one sentence.


We're asking New Yorkers to tell us how libraries have changed their lives in one sentence.

How has the library helped you or made a difference in your life? Why do you love your library?

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i live in brooklyn and i use the brooklyn library thats five minutes away from me and mulberry street library in manhattan for computer use looking for jobs i also use the library too take out dvds and various reading materials i have kids in school and they use the library for studying and taking out books for book reports

rita brooklyn

The library is my sense of hope and my journey to a new world everyday.

Benjamin Van Cortlandt

My community library is my fav place to get so much information I want, books, music, dvds and it helps me be a smarter, better educator too!!

Alic East Flushing

Libraries matter to educate, support and are catalyst for new inventions, ideas and innovations.

Marie Staten Island

Because it's not a NOOK ....

John Rockaway Park

Libraries help me to reach my goals toward studying writing and research.

Anita Eastchester

I am an new American living near the E. 67 NYC Library, where I read the whole biography wall, from the Robber Barons to Martin Luther. King and Henry Kissinger PhD dissertation, making my English A+ ok.

Linda 328 East 67th Street New York, NY, 10065

A quiet peaceful place for internet access and reading a variety of material is all I need at the library, but not without my glasses of course!

Rukhsana Garden City Library

Since I was a child, the library is the only place where you can browse for an endless supply of books in any subject & take it home for free.

Brenda Spring Creek

Libraries have helped me understand silence and intent, and how such things affect the trajectory of thought.

darko kingsbridge

My father taught me to read at age two, and I have been a reader every since; I love the feel of an actual book --> not a screen but a physical book.

Laura Battery Park City Library

In addition to the crucial service the New York Public Library provides to New Yorkers, it is a net positive for the local economy, as my own experience demonstrates. I traveled to New York from St. Louis to spend the summer here because of the rich research holdings of the Schwarzman Building and will spend significant sums at local businesses while I'm here. While arguments about providing access to job application resources, English classes, and all the other good work this institution does may not resonate, perhaps the base economic argument will. Limiting funding or hours to the NYPL and its main branch would be a national calamity for scholarly inquiry and the advancement of knowledge and a detriment to business.

William Schwarzman Building

For future generations to learn about our history and to know where they are going from there.

Celeste Tompkins square library